BUFFALO GROVE, Ill., April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Advancion Corporation (“Advancion” or “Company”), today announced the introduction of a new, bio-based multifunctional amino alcohol specifically developed for use in beauty and personal care applications. The new ingredient, exclusively manufactured by Advancion, is 50% bio-based and provides exceptional performance, including high-efficiency neutralization, emulsion stabilization and pigment dispersion.

“This innovative ingredient is the result of several years of development focused on providing formulators and manufacturers with a powerful tool to create high-performance formulations that meet the growing demand for natural and eco-friendly cosmetics and personal care products,” said Debby Neubauer, Global Business Manager, Home and Personal Care. “In addition to its multifunctional benefits, the new additive technology provides exceptional formulating latitude and has broad compatibility with other commonly used personal care ingredients.”

Advancion’s new bio-based amino alcohol is a versatile, multifunctional additive that can enhance the performance of skincare, haircare and personal hygiene formulations, and provides several in-formulation benefits, including:

  • Rapid, efficient neutralization
  • Low odor and non-yellowing
  • Superior high humidity curl retention (HHCR) in hair sprays and styling products
  • Excellent in-can corrosion inhibition in aerosol formulations
  • Exceptional compatibility with carbomer and other synthetic acrylic rheology modifiers
  • Enhanced pigment dispersion in color cosmetics for improved sensory characteristics and spreadability
  • Improved emulsion stability and sensory properties in skin care applications

“This is a significant advancement for Advancion with the addition of a true bio-based multifunctional technology into our portfolio of high-purity, high-performance additives,” said David Neuberger, President and Chief Executive Officer. “With a strong focus on sustainability and performance, our investments in new product development are dedicated to empowering formulators and brand owners to create exceptional products that resonate with today’s eco-conscious consumers. By driving technological advancements that prioritize environmental responsibility, we not only meet the demands of today but ensure a thriving future for generations to come.”

Today, commercial-grade research samples of Advancion’s new, bio-based additive for beauty and personal care formulations are available for customer evaluation. Commercial volumes will be available in North America, Europe and other select geographies later in 2024. For additional information or to order a sample, visit, or contact an Advancion representative at [email protected].

Advancion, formerly ANGUS Chemical Company, is a leading global producer of specialty ingredients and consumables for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, home, personal care, and other consumer-oriented and industrial markets. The Company is one of the world’s largest producers of life sciences buffers and other proprietary ingredients, providing high-performance products, best-in-class quality and guaranteed supply security for more than 80 years. Through Expression Systems, an Advancion company, the Company produces innovative cell culture media formulations, cell lines, molecular tools and reagents used in the development and commercial manufacturing of advanced therapies. Advancion operates three manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Germany and serves its global customers through six regional Customer Application Centers located in Chicago, Illinois; Paris, France; São Paulo, Brazil; Singapore; Shanghai, China; and Mumbai, India. The Company is privately owned by Ardian and Golden Gate Capital, and is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. For more information, visit

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