BLOCKLORDS Continues Expansion With New Brewmaster Season

BLOCKLORDS, the world's first medieval MMO grand strategy game with a player-owned economy by development studio MetaKing Studios, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated Season Three: The Brewmaster Season. Available in open beta on the Epic Games Store, this new season introduces a range of fresh gameplay mechanics and exclusive rewards.

Supported by industry giants like Square Enix and Krafton, BLOCKLORDS combines strategic gameplay, community-driven dynamics, and immersive storytelling. In this medieval world, players can farm, fight, rule, or conquer, all while guiding their Heroes and building their legacy.

Season Passes

The Brewmaster Season features two types of Season Passes:

  • Basic Pass: Free for all players, offering rewards based on leaderboard rankings and EXP earned.
  • Brewmaster Pass: Available for purchase, providing an additional rewards path, 20% more EXP for missions, and access to the Brewmaster Leaderboard with unique prizes.

Season Missions

Players can tackle five unique Season Missions and daily challenges to earn valuable rewards. Missions include:

  • Dynasty Missions: Hero and House Missions that focus on evolving Heroes and strengthening houses.
  • BLOCKLORDS Missions: Farming, trading, and influence missions that help players rise through the ranks.
  • Daily Missions: Essential tasks for progression and maintaining ruler status.

Introducing the Brewmaster Hero

The new season also brings a new Hero, The Brewmaster, known for his strength and generosity. He is a key character, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and strength in the community.

Innovative Gaming Experience

BLOCKLORDS aims to provide gamers with engaging, equitable, and long-lasting experiences by integrating decentralized systems with a player-centered economy. This approach offers real-world liquidity through in-game value generation.

With state-of-the-art graphics, innovative gameplay, and compelling narratives, BLOCKLORDS immerses players in a vibrant medieval world. Players can assume various roles, each contributing to the kingdom's dynamic community and strategic depth.

Join the Adventure

The full game trailer for The Brewmaster Season is now available. Download the free-to-play game on the Epic Games Store and embark on your journey in the BLOCKLORDS universe today.

For more information, visit BLOCKLORDS or follow on X or Discord.


BLOCKLORDS is a medieval MMO grand strategy game with a player-owned economy. Set in a world of strategic challenges and adventures, BLOCKLORDS allows players to create epic tales within a strong community. With a focus on strategy, diplomacy, and tactical warfare, BLOCKLORDS provides an engaging experience for all players.

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