Compare ChatGPT vs Bard Side-by-Side Using a Cutting Edge Tool by CP Development
APIScout.AI allows users to view side-by-side response from both ChatGPT and Bard while customizing request parameters.

ChatGPT vs Bard Comparison Tool

Get side-by-side responses, and specify query parameters in detail.

CP Development is proud to introduce APIScout.AI - a cutting-edge tool that allows users to compare response from ChatGPT and Bard (Palm API) side by side, specifying request parameters in detail. 

As the competition between LLMs (Large Language Models) heats up, CP Development has taken the initiative to facilitate the analysis and contrast these two prominent players in the field. APIScout.AI is a crucial tool for anyone involved in AI-related projects, offering insights into LLM performance, reliability, and suitability for different applications.

The need for this type of tool emerged from developing AI-based data scraping solutions. The prompts used to make sense of gigabytes of scraped data produce significantly different output from the two major LLMs. This difference isn't only in quality of response depending on the type of application - but also in cost, time of response, bandwidth, reliability, and repeatability. The only way to test and design prompts used to be deploying custom programs which queried AI APIs. So, experimenting with API LLM access wasn't available to the non-technical members of the team who were keen to play with it on their own terms. The comparison of answers took too much time, especially when running thousands of queries that would make sense of vast quantities of scraped data. 

APIScout.AI allows detailed query parameter setup for both engines from a simple UI. Prompt is being sent to ChatGPT and Bard at the same time, so waiting for the response is minimized. The response is timed separately, and users can see the API usage cost. This allows non-developers to assess LLMs while analyzing the possibilities of API access, and making decisions about which tool is more suitable for their purpose.

While most features on APIScout.AI are free, a nominal charge applies for bulk processing of multiple prompts. APIScout.AI invites users to explore its platform at and share their experiences.

CP Development is a software development agency based in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2005, CP Development has been providing web development and data scraping services to clients like Viasat, Bain & Company, and BCG for almost two decades.

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