Dr. Jairo Montoya Joins Airway Programs, Raises Awareness of Airway Therapy

Dr. Jairo Montoya educates young patient about her oral health.

Dr. Jairo Montoya of Aviator Pediatric Dentistry has joined the ranks of The Breathe Institute Ambassador Program and Airway Circle.

WATAUGA, TX, USA, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aviator Pediatric Dentistry is proud to announce that Dr. Jairo Montoya—a renowned dental health expert specializing in airway therapy—has joined the ranks of The Breathe Institute Ambassador Program and Airway Circle. These two prestigious organizations are dedicated to promoting airway therapy and its role in treating a variety of health concerns among children.

These memberships provide a platform for Dr. Montoya to share his knowledge and expertise in the field, giving him a chance to better champion the benefits of pediatric airway health. By increasing awareness of the medical conditions that cause and stem from breathing problems in children, Dr. Montoya hopes to make treatment more accessible for parents and professionals. He envisions a future where airway dentistry is not just an optional specialty but a fundamental part of holistic health and preventive care.

Too many parents have no idea what airway issues can affect children, let alone the therapies available for treatment. Tongue and lip ties, sleep apnea, snoring, allergies, and more can affect a child’s development, concentration, mood, quality of life, and overall health. Early detection of pediatric airway problems can allow healthcare providers like Dr. Montoya to make use of several treatment options. Aviator Pediatric Dentistry offers frenectomies, myofunctional therapy exercises, oral appliances, and palatal expanders for airway trouble and narrow jaw issues.

Dr. Montoya’s role as an Airway Ambassador signifies a crucial step toward broader awareness of pediatric airway health in Texas. By making this area of dentistry more accessible and by educating parents and caregivers about its importance, Aviator Pediatric Dentistry can help ensure a healthier, happier future for children in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

In addition to airway program memberships, Dr. Montoya collaborates with the local children’s hospital to raise community awareness of pediatric oral health needs. He is networked with the hospital as a referral partner. This highlights his recognition in the medical community for delivering exceptional care.

That care includes using the latest tools so that his young patients experience minimal discomfort and maximum benefits. For instance, an early intervention solution for airway problems can be a frenectomy, which corrects tongue and lip tying. For the procedure, Aviator Pediatric Dentistry is equipped with a BioLase Waterlase. This laser technology makes the procedure faster and more comfortable, with less inflammation and faster healing.

To explore the world of airway therapy for children and learn more about Dr. Montoya’s pioneering role in promoting and delivering treatment, contact Aviator Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Montoya and the rest of the team can provide cutting-edge care and resources for Dallas-Fort Worth and Watauga families. Se habla Español!


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