DrKumo Academy Program Sets New Standard in Digital Healthcare Training Excellence
DrKumo Academy Program Sets New Standard in Digital Healthcare Training Excellence

Empowering Care Providers Beyond Expectations with Digital Health Education

Our DrKumo Academy Program’s success highlights our proactive response to the critical shortage of 3.2 million caregivers in California anticipated over the next few years”

— Dr. Kelly Nguyen, Founder/CEO of DrKumo

BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — DrKumo Inc., a leader in intelligent and secure digital health technology for chronic care, has achieved stellar success with its DrKumo Academy Program. This initiative, designed to elevate caregiver training and promote dignity, independence, and well-being for vulnerable adults, has made remarkable strides, showcasing the high quality of its courses and the dedication of its participants.

DrKumo Academy has achieved remarkable progress in providing essential training to direct care workers. The program has successfully trained and empowered 3,176 direct care workers across 280 unique cities in California, covering over 522 unique zip codes. Accumulating an impressive 91,260 course hours of education and growing every day, our courses span more than 22 multiple disease states ensuring that care providers are well-equipped to meet diverse healthcare needs.

“Our DrKumo Academy Program’s success highlights our proactive response to the critical shortage of 3.2 million caregivers in California anticipated over the next few years,” said Dr. Kelly Nguyen, CEO of DrKumo Inc. “The completion of our courses by direct care workers, which includes care coordinators and caregivers, underscores the program’s broad appeal and significant impact. We are committed to serving the aging population and those living with disabilities, reflecting our core value of enhancing the quality of care and support for some of the most vulnerable patient populations.”

Over the past months, through DrKumo’s vision of digitizing the workforce, DrKumo Academy has addressed the increasing capacity to mitigate the shortage of healthcare clinicians and care coordinators. The program enhances accessibility by enabling care coordinators and caregivers to take courses at their convenience from home. This approach empowers them to serve their patients in their communities, including many underserved areas, contributing to the paradigm shift from problem-based disease care to Whole Health Care, based on the whole person, which is the purpose of Whole Health in

improving the health and well-being individuals in need of care.

DrKumo Academy courses cover a wide range of topics including disease management protocols (DMP), care plans, and Chronic Care Management for diabetes, hypertension, COPD, CHF, CKD, obesity, asthma, and arthritis, as well as monitoring and supportive services such as whole health, Remote Patient Monitoring-Home Telehealth, telehealth, medication management, patient engagement, care coordination, mental health, nutrition, and fall prevention.

DrKumo reach ensures that trained care providers stay in their communities, equipped with the necessary skills to provide high-quality care to some of the most underserved and vulnerable patient populations. This initiative not only addresses the immediate shortage but also fosters a sustainable model for community-based care.

Participants have expressed profound gratitude and acknowledged the transformative impact of the program: “I have learned tremendously and am grateful for this opportunity,” said one participant, reflecting the empowerment and personal growth facilitated by the program. “These courses have been very helpful, and I have implemented what I have learned into my daily life as a caregiver,” shared another participant, underscoring the practical applicability and transformative impact of the training.

DrKumo’s dedication to continuous improvement and participant-centered program development solidifies its position as a leader in digital health education. By empowering care providers with essential knowledge and skills, DrKumo is not only elevating the standard of care but also contributing to the broader goal of enhancing the quality of life for California’s diverse populations.

For more information about DrKumo Academy, please visit drkumo.com and learn.drkumo.com.


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