GenreX Launches First-to-Market Video-to-Music AI Technology

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GenreX, a leader in AI-generative music, is proud to announce the launch of its beta of groundbreaking video-to-music technology. Instead of typing in prompts as done in ChatGPT or Midjourney, users now can simply upload a video to the GenreX platform. Then the AI-powered technology analyzes the content and creates a song crafted explicitly for the video within seconds. The introduction of video-to-music by GenreX marks a significant leap forward in the creative process.

GenreX’s video-to-music AI technology drastically cuts down the time spent on music selection and synchronization, allowing creators to concentrate more on their artistic expression and storytelling. This advanced tool goes beyond typical generative products by eliminating the need for crafting detailed prompts, thus further reducing the creative workload. Ideal for digital content producers, filmmakers, and advertisers, GenreX liberates professionals from the logistical hassles of audio selection, allowing them to concentrate more fully on their creative vision.

Users can access this product by creating an account on the GenreX website. Once created, first-time users are welcomed with free access to experiment with and enhance their video projects. Try GenreX’s video-to-music here:

“We recognize that crafting the perfect prompt for AI can be challenging,” explains Yihao Chen, CEO of GenreX. “Our video to music technology is designed to simplify and streamline this intricate process.”

“In a world where technology and art converge, GenreX’s video-to-music AI stands as a testament to innovation, enabling creators to translate visual stories into auditory experiences with unprecedented precision and flair” says Jacob Colker, the Managing Director of AI2 Incubator.

GenreX’s customer, Chris Mendez, the CEO of RoutineHub says, “GenreX’s cutting-edge tool enables creators to delve into new storytelling realms, creating original narratives and strengthening connections with diverse audiences. It represents a fundamental change in multimedia creation that’s poised to redefine artistic innovation.”

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GenreX is pioneering AI music generation, empowering users to enhance their creative projects with cutting-edge technology. By simplifying the music application process, GenreX enables both creators and companies to produce high-quality content with ease. For more information, visit:

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