Gnosko Bio launches the ChillView Freezer Rack, the latest breakthrough in lab inventory management

Made from a clear, state-of-the-art polymer, our new freezer racks are easy to see through and don’t frost.

Introducing ChillView Freezer Racks, Goodbye stainless steel, hello clarity.

New storage rack for ultra-low temperature freezers solves a massive problem that’s hiding in plain sight.

By adding ChillView to our overall offering, we’re finding another new way to enable meaningful work. Our customers are curing cancer, which is pretty hard when you can’t find what you’re looking for.”

— Wills Wendel

WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 / — Gnosko, an emergent laboratory supplier known for RFID inventory automation, has just launched ChillView — a storage rack designed to streamline frozen item retrieval.

Stainless steel freezer racks, which are ubiquitous in laboratories, accumulate mass amounts of frost at ultra-low temperatures, making it difficult for staff to find specimens and samples. The ChillView Freezer Rack solves this issue with one simple yet elegant design choice: it’s made from a clear, state-of-the-art polymer that isn’t prone to frost.

According to Gnosko founder and CEO Wills Wendel, ChillView came about in the same way many innovations in life sciences are born — he set out to solve one problem, then serendipitously solved another.

“We were trying to improve RFID readability so we could offer our customers the option to tag and track their frozen inventory,” Wendel recalls. “Since radio frequencies don’t like metal, our team designed a rack using a polymer instead. And as it turns out, our polymer doesn’t collect frost the same way stainless does — which essentially opens up a trove of unforeseen benefits.”

Those benefits stem from a newly attained line of sight for laboratory professionals. A clear view of all boxes and items means more efficient specimen retrieval, seamless RFID integration, and reduced energy consumption.

In short, the company expects its new freezer rack to help laboratory professionals spend less time searching for specimens and samples, and more time at the bench.

Businesses in all sectors are subject to inefficiencies, even the most visionary. Scientists in cutting-edge research and pharmaceutical fields operate in high-tech automated labs, yet many still rely on outdated methods like clipboards, spreadsheets, and sticky notes to manage their inventory.

Gnosko formed to address this market need by adapting the inventory management innovations prevalent in other industries to serve their customers within life science fields. By tagging inventory, monitoring usage, and providing realtime asset visibility, they aim to target and eliminate the wasteful practices that keep labs from achieving continuous improvement.

ChillView, as Wendel sees it, takes that approach a step further.

Sam Agris
Gnosko Bio
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