KINeSYS Becomes First-Ever Sunscreen to Achieve Informed Sport Certification

VANCOUVER, BC, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — KINeSYS announced today that their award-winning SPF 50 Fragrance Free Spray Sunscreen is the first-ever sunscreen to be certified with the Informed Sport program. Informed Sport certification provides the highest level of quality assurance by testing every batch of supplements, and now sunscreens, for substances banned in sport.

Like all KINeSYS sunscreens, KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free is formulated to provide SPF protection without impacting sport performance. It goes on clear and light, is quick-drying, and non-greasy. KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free is void of the Top 9 Allergens and has no added fragrance. This product regularly appears on Allergic Living’s list of “Top Allergy-Friendly Sunscreens,” and earns a recurring Runner’s World magazine Editor’s Award for “Best Sweat-Resistant Sunscreen.”

“Our priority at KINeSYS is to formulate performance products that people want to wear, products that are at the leading edge of their category,” says Wade Heggie, who co-owns KINeSYS with wife Lisa. “This is a game changer for us, we are a small but mighty company and we know what active people want. Especially now that it’s accredited by Informed Sport, SPF 50 Fragrance Free needs to be part of every athlete’s equipment kit.”

Developed in 2008, Informed Sport is a global banned substance testing program designed to provide elite athletes with the assurance that what they’re using is tested to the highest of standards. All certified products are tested for over 260 substances banned in sport using ISO/IEC 17025 accredited methods, the standard within the supplement industry.   

“Achieving certification with Informed Sport showcases a brand’s dedication to providing a high-quality product for their customers, said INFORMED’s Business Development Director Paul Klinger. “When an athlete sees the Informed Sport logo on KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free packaging, they can be assured every single batch has been tested and has undergone our robust certification process.” 

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KINeSYS was created in 1995 for elite athletes who wanted a high-performing product that feels like nothing on the skin. The brand built a loyal following, but a few years ago, was in jeopardy of closing forever. In a mad search for the best sunscreen for on-the-go lifestyles, Australians Wade and Lisa Heggie had fallen in love with KINeSYS, realizing that sunscreen made for top-level athletes works fantastically for all kinds of active people, and for all ages. They bought the company in 2017 and operate as a family business, working directly with specialty retailers.

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The INFORMED brands are global quality assurance and certification programs designed for the sports and dietary supplement industry. The programs including Informed Sport, Informed Choice, Informed Protein, Informed Manufacturer, and Informed Ingredient are members of LGC ASSURE – which brings together four of LGC’s leading brands to provide a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions.

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