KonnectAi to Attend ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement
The leader in AI inspection for manufacturing and quality assurance provides technology that lowers the barrier to entry for businesses and empowers QA staff to succeed. 

KonnectAi, a leader in AI visual inspection systems and a flagship technology offering from Electrical Components International (ECI), announces that it will attend the American Society for Quality’s World Conference on Quality & Improvement (WCQI) at the San Diego Convention Center on May 12-15, 2024.  

Built by manufacturers for manufacturers, KonnectAi is an AI inspection application that helps lower the barrier to entry for manufacturers wanting to integrate AI technology into their business. Its technology strengthens capabilities for the workplace without the need to replace humans—providing manufacturers of all shapes and sizes with simple, easy-to-use technology so manufacturers can grow their business and scale AI use.   

The ASQ WCQI 2024 conference brings together thousands of professionals in manufacturing, consulting, health care, government, education, and aerospace, and features customized schedules, allowing attendees to learn how to fortify essential quality methodologies within their teams and meet challenges with sustainable solutions.  

KonnectAi’s Chris Chambers, Director of Business Development, and Brian Butters, Production Integration Partner, will attend the conference to meet with quality control professionals, reinforce the organization’s quality mission and introduce the groundbreaking technology to conference participants. 

“The utilization of artificial intelligence is something businesses should not fear, but instead, embrace these technologies for their accuracy, efficiency, and ability to enhance the workplace,” said Chambers. “Our goal is not to replace people with AI but to give people the most advanced tools and technology to be successful. KonnectAi lowers the barrier to entry for manufacturers to integrate AI technologies to their quality inspections.”

Data from KonnectAi inspections performed shows:  

  • 95% reduction in inspection time for hard-to-inspect items
  • 80% reduction in inspection time for new employees
  • 60% increase in confidence for new employees
  • 80% reduction of workmanship defects
  • 100% increase in employee satisfaction performing inspections
  • 70% reduction of stress for new employees performing inspections 

KonnectAi uses AI to inspect products and ensure quality by placing a product under a camera lens for an image and sending an alert if a defect is detected. The next step sees an inspector retrieving images taken and using the product’s serial number to trace back any inspection and ensure the products leave the facility in acceptable condition. In one sample case, the technology reduces the time of a sample inspection from 90 seconds to five seconds.   

“We are excited to present our technology to the leaders in manufacturing and showcase all of its capabilities,” Butters said. “The ASQ conference is the pinnacle of quality and manufacturing, and KonnectAi’s technology and AI inspection tool is poised to alter the manufacturing business.”

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, KonnectAi helps rise above familiar challenges and unlock growth through its key features:

  • State-of-the-art AI algorithms analyze images with unmatched precision, enhancing productivity, optimizing operations, and reducing inefficiencies, resulting in the highest quality safety and traceability.  
  • Simple solution that offers the benefits of AI without the complexity, cost, and resources.
  • Real-time data and actionable insights enable manufacturers to engage in agile decision-making, spot trends, respond swiftly to customer demands, and make informed decisions that propel the business forward.  
  • Resource optimization data that allows manufacturers to allocate much-needed workforce resources elsewhere while lowering operational costs.  

For more information, please visit https://konnectai.ai.

About KonnectAi 
KonnectAi is a leading innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for manufacturing. Specializing in AI-powered inspection systems, we provide advanced tools that enhance quality control, increase profitability, and ensure complete traceability for manufacturers. Our commitment to simplicity and control transforms complex visual inspection tasks into efficient, streamlined processes. As we push the boundaries of production technology, KonnectAi is dedicated to addressing the most pressing challenges faced by manufacturers today.

About Electrical Components International (ECI)  
Founded in 1953, Electrical Components International (ECI) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical distribution systems, control box assemblies, and other critical engineered components for diversified markets. With 25,000 employees and 40 global manufacturing locations, ECI is the trusted partner to market leaders with 500+ customers. ECI powers smart, connected, and electrified solutions that enable the most advanced technologies to solve the most complex challenges.

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