Niles + Chaz Launches Vegan Kids Haircare Line for Mixed Textured Hair
Niles + Chaz Launches Vegan Kids Haircare Line for Mixed Textured Hair

NEW YORK, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Niles + Chaz is launching a vegan, organic, cruelty-free, nut-free, and veggie- and fruit-packed haircare line for children of mixed heritage.  Featuring four SKUs filled with over 90% naturally derived ingredients: Tangles Shmangles (Curl Detangler & Enhancer), What The Frizz! (Styling Gel Cream), Curl Raiser (Revival Spray), and Scalp Enchanter (Pre-Shampoo Treatment). Founded by parents, actor Mike Colter and his wife Iva, a former major Hollywood studio senior executive, for their multiracial and multicultural children. Named after their daughters, who are also Co-Founders and active participants in the brand, Niles + Chaz offers hair care products that celebrate the beauty of mixed-textured hair and multi-ethnic heritage, promote children’s self-confidence and inclusivity, and strive for endless recyclability and sustainability. 

Inspired by the founders’ journey as parents seeking clean and effective hair care solutions for their children’s mixed-texture hair, Niles + Chaz was created to empower young girls and boys to embrace their unique curls and be proud of their diverse cultural heritage.  With the slogan, “Hair I Am!” the brand emphasizes the importance of instilling confidence, independence, and empowerment in children at a young age. Niles + Chaz developed a range of hair styling products for kids, and with kids, that promote self-love and encourage diversity in the beauty industry. Formulated with excitement and child-like playfulness, Niles + Chaz’s core collection embodies inclusivity and clean beauty, supporting parents in managing their kids’ hair, which may differ from their own. This four-product toolkit helps parents teach their children how to care for and love their beautiful waves, curls, and coils, embrace their authentic selves, and own the world. 

Tangles Shmagnles™ ($28) is a curl detangler made with flaxseed oil, marshmallow extract, watermelon, banana, and okra. This vitamin-infused formula keeps hair hydrated, smooth, shiny, and banishes frizz.

Curl Raiser™ ($16) is the perfect solution to achieving frizz-free and beautiful curls made with natural plant extracts, vitamins, enriching butter oils, and strengthening proteins to revive curls with moisture and curl-popping powers. Made with marshmallow, prickly pear, and acai to keep curls perfectly styled and strong.

What The Frizz!™ ($20) is a styling gel cream created to define curls, add shine, and lock in moisture to protect curls and minimize frizz. Fueled with jojoba extract, shea butter and marshmallow to hydrate, strengthen and promote growth.

Scalp Enhancer™ ($16) is a pre-shampoo treatment that is also great for post-braids, twists, or locs scalp cleanup. It is crafted with organic plant powers and vitamins like murumuru, pumpkin, mango, and charcoal. It nurtures hair for strength and vitality and prevents scalp damage.

Niles + Chaz is available now with prices ranging from $16$28 at

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About Niles + Chaz:

Niles + Chaz is a kid’s hair care brand founded by actor Mike Colter and wife Iva for mixed-textured hair providing high-quality and clean hair care products for children with mixed-textured hair. Striving to empower young girls and boys by giving them the confidence to embrace their unique hair and be their best selves. Through innovation, inclusivity, and sustainability, Niles + Chaz aims to positively impact the lives of their consumers while promoting diversity in the beauty industry.

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