Public Comment Period Open for Washington State Health Care Authority Optune Gio/Tumor Treating Fields Coverage ReReview

We need your voice! The public comment period is now open.

When submitting your public comment, be sure to include the words “To Request a Re-Review of the Optune Gio/TTF Device for Coverage” in both the Email Subject Line and First Paragraph”

— Dellann Elliott Mydland, President & CEO

REDMOND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 / — Redmond, WA (March 27, 2024) – The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) has denied coverage for Tumor Treating Fields, preventing 2.5 million Washington Medicaid patients and public employees from accessing this innovative therapy. The public comment period is NOW OPEN. Comments can be submitted until 5pm PT on April 3, 2024 to this email address: [email protected].

If choosing to submit a public comment, it is recommended to include the words “To Request a Re-Review of the Optune Gio/TTF Device for Coverage” in both the Email Subject Line and first paragraph. The first paragraph should state why there should be coverage and what this option to have this treatment would mean to the general public, brain tumor/brain cancer and cancer community. The second paragraph should include a brief description of the commenter’s story or their loved one’s story, why they care, and why they are taking the time to issue this public comment to request the re-review. Other things that should be included are contact information and a PDF of the comment attached to the email, in addition to the comment in the body of the email.

For an example, you can read the comment from the End Brain Cancer Initiative (EBCI) President & CEO, Dellann Elliott Mydland here: Note that it is best to NOT copy her comment exactly, as your comment may be weeded out if it is too similar.

We know that creating a groundswell of support can help encourage decision makers to act. You can learn more and take action at For questions about the public comment process or for technical assistance, please contact EBCI Clinical Research Coordinator & Patient Navigator, Shreya Prakash, at [email protected] or 425-436-8688.

Glioblastoma is terminal, and the options for patients with this devastating cancer are extremely limited. Patients need as many tools in their toolbox as possible to treat this disease. A treatment that has been approved by the FDA should be accessible for patients no matter their income level, what state they live in, or who their employers are. To read the full op-ed from EBCI President & CEO, Dellann Elliott Mydland, go to

The End Brain Cancer Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit patient organization focused on disease education, awareness, outreach and increasing patient access. The End Brain Cancer Initiative, formerly known as the Chris Elliott Fund, is dedicated to ensuring that all patients diagnosed with brain cancer, a brain tumor, or metastatic disease to the brain have equal access to advanced diagnostics, treatments, specialists, and clinical trial participation. We believe that IMMEDIATE ACCESS to these options provides this patient community with the best HOPE for survival and sustained quality of life. We partner with industry, patients, researchers, advocacy groups, medical teams, hospital networks and others to educate patients and their caregivers so they can have empowered conversations with medical teams. Learn more about and support the End Brain Cancer Initiative’s work and mission at

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