STEPR, L3VEL3 PRO, Ovira, Cleancult, and Serenity Kids Win the Product Release News Award for Most Innovative and Consumer-Friendly Products

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Product Release News announces its selection of five exceptional brands that are shaping the future in their respective categories: STEPR, the next-generation stair climber for cardio fitness; L3VEL3 PRO, offering exciting men’s grooming products; Ovira, providing a unique approach to menstrual and feminine care products; Cleancult: delivering non-toxic, chemical-free cleaners packaged in sustainable, refillable containers; Serenity Kids, creating nutrient-dense organic foods for babies.

STEPR: next-generation stair climber

STEPR™ has invented the “best stair climber in the world” to help users attain longer, healthier, and more satisfying lives. This intuitive, easy-to-use cardio fitness machine aims to help individuals get in shape and stay fit. “STEPR is the best-connected stair climber on the market, and we’re always innovating to make our products better.” Learn more. [See full press release.]

L3VEL3 PRO: innovative grooming products

L3VEL3™ creates unique grooming products for men, “built by the Artist for the Artist.” These professional products for hair, skin, and beard deliver guaranteed results. The founding artists inspire innovation and uphold high ethical standards, mutual respect, trust, loyalty, and passion. L3VEL3 PRO is shaking up the men’s grooming industry, letting consumers everywhere access the highest quality products. Learn more.

Ovira: advanced menstrual care

Ovira™ was founded by Alice after suffering years of debilitating menstrual period pain, nausea, and bloating. “All our products undergo the highest quality design and manufacturing.” Ovira’s digital period cramp relief device uses pulse therapy to stop cramp signals traveling to the brain, providing instant relief from period cramps. Learn more.

Cleancult: safe and sustainable

Cleancult™ exclusively offers environmentally friendly products. “We believe clean should mean clean in every single way.” The emphasis is on refilling, not landfilling.  Packaging is in paper instead of plastic; cleaners and soaps come in bulk cartons for refilling glass and aluminum containers. Moreover, their non-chemical cleaners are formulated with natural, plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients like coconut, lemon verbena, lavender, and aloe. Learn more.

Serenity Kids: nutrient-dense foods

Serenity Kids™, founded by nutrition-conscious parents Joe and Serenity Carr, aims to make children healthier with wholesome, organic, nutrient-dense foods that “taste great to kids and are convenient for parents.”  Babies and children can be “fed, raised, and educated to be healthy, happy, creative human beings” with first foods containing quality meat, vegetables, and healthy fats. Learn more. [See full press release.]

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