Defying Stigma: JellyMed Pioneers Judgment-Free Care Where Your Well-Being Comes First

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA , UNITED STATES , May 17, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SWELL Medical is thrilled to unveil JellyMed, a revolutionary festival healthcare innovation set to transform the festival experience for all. Making its grand debut at EDC Las Vegas on May 17th, 2024, JellyMed stands as a movement driven by a dedicated team of healthcare advocates. This team includes the esteemed telehealth pioneer, family physician and CEO/founder of SWELL Medical, Dr. Laura Purdy, and Dr. Stacey Podkovik, a respected figure in neurological surgery. Festivals are meant for fun, to enjoy life, friends, music, and making memories – everyone should feel safe, which is just what JellyMed’s mission is designed to accompany festival-goers through the vibrant rhythms and exhilarating atmosphere of the event, by embracing the core values of peace, love, unity, and respect (PLUR).

Recognizing the challenges faced by festival enthusiasts, including heat exhaustion, crowded conditions, and substance-related issues, JellyMed seeks to break down barriers inhibiting individuals from seeking help during such events. Research by NCBI reveals that 83.2% of respondents encounter obstacles when considering seeking assistance for themselves or friends at festivals, citing concerns such as legal repercussions and uncertainty about accessing help.

Embodying the themes of rebirth and continuity embodied by jellyfish, JellyMed aspires to uphold the enduring spirit of the festival community by offering a supportive and inclusive environment that celebrates every participant. No matter the circumstance, JellyMed ensures a secure and uplifting festival experience for all, without judgment, providing care and support unconditionally.

Inspired by the positive, inclusive spirit of modern-day hippies, JellyMed is not just a service but a movement towards fostering a safer, more caring festival environment. “At JellyMed, we’re more than healthcare providers; we’re your friends at your fingertips, ready to ensure your safety and wellbeing with open hearts,” says Dr. Purdy, CEO of SWELL Medical PC and an avid festival attendee. “Our approach is all about love, non-judgmental support, and being there for one another, reflecting the very essence of the festival spirit.”

Mishe, a healthcare platform on a mission to expand access to healthcare for patients by eliminating barriers between providers and payers, will serve as JellyMed’s platform or “storefront.” Through Mishe, consultations and transactions for JellyMed services will be facilitated, creating a seamless and transparent healthcare experience for festival-goers. By integrating healthcare stakeholders with a unified infrastructure, Mishe and JellyMed aim to revolutionize festival healthcare by providing a simple, equitable, and accessible platform for all.

The revolutionary launch of the JellyMed Kit is (coming soon), equipped with vital supplies like Narcan and Zofran, alongside symbols of unity such as glitter and Kandi bracelets, JellyMed is set to transform festival healthcare, prioritizing the wellness of each person. Beyond a standard service, JellyMed embodies a movement committed to nurturing a community where the festival spirit thrives on safety, empathy, and inner strength.

More than a service, JellyMed represents a movement dedicated to cultivating a community where festival revelry is anchored in safety, empathy, and resilience. Join us today in embracing the future of festival care with JellyMed and be part of a transformative journey that promotes compassion and unity in the festival realm. With sights set on partnerships across major music events, JellyMed aims to become a staple in the festival scene, ensuring attendees can fully embrace the joy and freedom of the experience with the peace of mind that comprehensive care is within reach.

Purdy adds, “JellyMed is here to revolutionize the way we think about healthcare at large-scale events. Our vision is simple: to keep you safe while you enjoy the magic of the festival. We invite you to join us in making this vision a reality, one beat, one heart, and one helping hand at a time.”

Stay tuned for JellyMed’s official launch at EDC Las Vegas on May 17th, 2024, for updates and further information, visit https://mishe.co/clinics/jellymed and follow us at @hijellymed. Because every beat matters.


About JellyMed:

JellyMed, a force within SWELL Medical PC, heralds a fresh era in festival healthcare rooted in peace, love, unity, and respect. Engage in a world where care knows no boundaries, and festival adventures flourish with safety, compassion, and STRENGTH at the forefront! For further information and to be a part of this innovative initiative, visit https://mishe.co/clinics/jellymed and follow us at @hijellymed. Because every beat matters.

About Mishe:

Mishe is on a mission to expand access to healthcare for patients by eliminating barriers between providers and payers. Mishe partners with facilities, clinicians, employers, TPAs, brokers, and other health plan vendors to streamline healthcare transactions and distribute cost saving solutions. By integrating healthcare stakeholders with unified infrastructure, Mishe aims to create a more simple, equitable and transparent healthcare system.

About SWELL Medical (SMed):

Launched on February 1st, 2024, SWELL Medical (SMed) is a pioneering Telehealth Enterprise, reshaping the healthcare landscape with a commitment to revolutionizing the way families access and experience medical care. Driven by the values of compassion, accessibility, and inclusivity, SWELL Medical’s personalized telehealth excellence ensures a comforting and consistent healthcare experience for every individual. With a focus on connected care, anywhere, SWELL Medical is dedicated to providing genuine connections and a sense of belonging in the realm of telehealth. Discover a new way of healthcare at SWELLCARE.HEALTH and follow @Swellcare.health.

Learn more about Dr. Laura Purdy at drlaurapurdy.com and on instagram @drlaurapurdy.

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