Vladimir Kush Presents His New Painting ‘Mother’

World-renowned artist Vladimir Kush presents his new painting "Mother" Oil on Canvas (33.25"x 25"). The Metaphorical Realist unveiled his new artwork during his exhibition in Art Miami. A Captive Audience (another title by the artist) is the best way to describe the reaction from the crowds and attendants as they walked into Kush's world during the art fair.  

From a distance, this painting looks as if it was painted in accordance with the Renaissance canons, as the Madonna with Child. But up close, we realize that it is a Muslim woman in a hijab, holding a blanket. But instead of a baby, there is a hand grenade. We can imagine that this grenade has become her "favorite child" in the act of vengeance after losing her family and children.

A sketch or drawing from the artist with the same title was originally published in one of his books (Black & White Matters). This concept with a similar symbolism initiated the conceptualization onto the artist's easel and into the canvas. Kush is a classically trained artist and, in accordance with European tradition descending from the times of Albrecht Durer, understands that drawing is the basis of two-dimensional art. 

Since the early 2000's the American cultural environment accepted the artist and his vision. Metaphorical Realism and the Kush Fine Art brand were established. It is worth noting that he settled on an exotic island in the Pacific, of which he dreamed as a boy but could not visit from behind the Iron Curtain that was the Soviet Union. Now Kush owns several large high-end galleries across the United States: "Kush Fine Art", which are currently located in Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, and Miami Beach, and has permanent exhibitions worldwide. 

The internationally recognized artist features more than 400 titles of paintings and limited-edition prints, 80 bronze sculptures and many more art mediums including a jewelry line and a wearable art collection. When you visit Kush Fine Art Galleries, you will be served with warmth and an eye for your unique style as you seek the perfect piece to add to your collection. For more information, visit www.kushfineart.com or email at [email protected] and follow Kush on Instagram, Facebook, Threads and X. 

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